Life – a blank canvas

A blank canvas…

You could think of this in a literal way. A canvas that has not yet been painted on. Or you could think of it in a metaphorical way. In a way that means life and death, sadness and happiness, sorrow and joy.




When your born, you have a blank canvas. An artist would know that a blank paper can be overwhelming, it can scare you. But at the beginning it may take you a while to get the hang of it but you soon will and your canvas will turn into the art of your life.


Your canvas shows your personality. It shows the way the cogs in YOUR brain work. You may be the person who sketches and draws or uses bright coloured paints to cover your canvas or some people might like to graphite a few words on theirs. No matter what you do it is your unique way, it’s the way you work.


When you are painting, or drawing you always have something your happy with, something you are proud of but then you also have things that disappoint you, things that you think you could do better with. There are always those things in life. You make mistakes, everyone does but what might make you different is the way you deal with those mistakes. Don’t be that person who hates themselves for it, don’t make it your fault. You be that person who embraces those mistakes in life. This may be a clichéd quote but I believe it’s true, YOU LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES. You don’t truly learn from others mistakes or others triumphs you learn from yours.


A painting has sadness; it has happiness and joy. A painting is a journey from a blank canvas to a magnificent piece of art. It is exactly like our journey, like your journey and mine. You start small, a baby then you grow into a child full of fun and happiness, then a teen maybe a little hard to deal with but full of surprises, after that stage you become an adult which is where you take everything that you have learned from child hood to your adult hood and that includes your canvas.


You know those people who always say bad things to the stuff they have made. Then their friends compliment them on whatever is there even if it is bad or good. That was just what that person wanted, they wanted compliments from other people. On YOUR canvas, the canvas that is always there and is always being worked on there will be people who love it and people who don’t and instead of finding the people who don’t like it and doing whatever you can to make them like your canvas try and find people who appreciate you and the way you do things, people who do like your canvas and they respect it the way they would respect themselves.


Sometimes you make mistakes that you just must get rid of, mistakes that you just got to paint over. So, that’s what happens. Layers and layers of white paint go over the top of your canvas. Paint you re do, you paint, you re do and that happens to everyone. That is why you probably can’t see the first thing you painted on that canvas, that why you can’t remember the things that happen when you’re a baby. Scraping those layers off is pretty herd. You can usually scrape off a few but you can never go back to the very beginning that’s why the best thing to do is keep moving forward, keep making new memories. That’s how life should be.


Now you are probably thinking, but if we can paint over our canvas and keep on bringing it back to its blank self then wen does this canvas finish, when do we stop? Well you don’t ever finish. Your painting lives on, it even lives after you, the memory of you is your painting. But if you really need to finish you have to say one thing. It’s something you say, no one else can say this. It’s just you. You say “I’m happy” and ‘I’m ready to leave my painting for others to admire” and that is when your painting is finished.


Now I want you to imagine your painting it’s there right in front of you. Now look around you see everybody else’s canvas. You may not see the things they have painted but you can see their canvas, it’s there. Now look at me, this is my canvas it’s not finished yet and it won’t be for a while but it’s definitely there. When I have left the stage want you to remember. Remember that your canvas is there, it is always with you. It might be beside you, behind you or right in front of you. But it’s always there.



This was a speech I wrote for a public speaking competition in the beginning of 2017. It was my first year in my new high school and I was really excited to show people my thoughts. I didn’t win and I didn’t even get into the second round but it didn’t let me down, I was still really proud of what I came up with.

If you read this and couldn’t really understand what I was trying to get through, here is a short explanation.

I tried to connect a very simple idea (a blank canvas) to a very tricky and complicated word which doesn’t truly have a meaning, that word is LIFE. I tried to explain that the journey of a painting is in a lot of ways the journey of life and how it has its ups and downs, achievements and failures. And I hopefully planted the idea that your canvas is always there, sort of protecting you from the world and that it will never leave you.




New year, New me

I haven’t written in my blog for a really long time (nearly a half a year) and I apologise about that so much. But for my new years resolution I wanted to get this blog back on track. This blog is pretty much the only way I can share things to the world.

I have decided that I will bring a theme into my blog so that I can write and post more regularly and so that I can keep it moving and on track. The theme or kind of subject that I will be writing my blog on is reviews and lifestyle.

As well as getting my blog on track I have started to make a YouTube channel. My channel is called Rose’s Journal but you probably won’t find it yet because I am still in the process of making my first upload.

My YouTube channel is going to be organisation and lifestyle. I am going to include bullet journaling (Tutorials, how to’s and regular flip throughs), study tips and note taking for students just like me along with organisation tips and ideas.

For my blog I want to make a written version for each of my videos when uploaded them. Also I wanted to do some reviews of movies, books and products to include some “useful” and fun info. The lifestyle element of my blog is going to posts similar to the others that I have previously written on the blog.

I’m so excited to start the new year and get this blog back on track. If you have any ideas for future posts that you would enjoy reading just leave a comment and like this post.

Thank you so much. Byeee!

Our world today, imagine it better

Ok so this is our world today. It is full of insecurities and problems just like a teenager. But a lot worse. Some of these problems are big like WAR which I think is the most stupidest thing that human kind has ever thought of.

The thing is that we are all human and we have to actually kill and hurt another one of our kind to get our way. NO! That is most definitely the last thing you should do, actually not even the last it should have fallen off the edge of the paper a long time ago. You know why? Because that person you killed has a family, that person, thanks to you HAD a life. Yep HAD not HAVE because you couldn’t deal with your problems in a better way.

I know that I am just 13 and the reason war seems to pop up is a lot bigger then I can imagine but guess what folks, I can imagine it. I know that WW1 was triggered by the assassination of a person. Now I don’t know who that person was and I don’t know if they were good or bad but I know that aliens have not landed on earth yet so I know that that was a human being who was murdered. That one person who was killed by another person set of an explosion of DEATH. Thousands and thousands of human beings died. And you know what is just heart breaking is that us people didn’t learn our lesson. The War to End all Wars sadly did not live to its expectation and other wars happened and are even happening now.

Our world today is full of problems but it actually isn’t. It’s us. The world, that planet called Earth is now always associated by humans because we have over powered the world. So Earth practically means human. But thats wrong because if you go outside and touch the ground you can’t feel war. You can’t feel the world acting against itself. So why not us humans take some notes from the Earth we walk on.  So be the change you want in the world.

When a train is delayed….

When on a long journey home I hop onto a train and relax, waiting for the train to start its journey.


What if the train is delayed severely delayed about half an hour delayed (I can’t remember exactly) soon more people from other trains jump over the gap into your train that has been stopped in time. The train starts to pile up with people and soon as a student I have to stand up and give up MY seat (I honestly hate it when that happens). My seat is empty for a few minutes the temptation to sit down was strong but held off by the difficult journey to actually get back to that seat. A twist and a turn between the many people that have now piled through the doors of the train. Then a minute later someone else sits in my sit and I am left standing squished between the door and LOADS of other people.

After about 20 minutes people are wondering what is happening they start asking questions.

Am I on the right train?

Does she have that app on her phone that tells you WHY THE TRAIN IS SOOOOO DELAYED?




Then people go past that phase of keeping it held inside and spread there annoyance to everybody else on the train. Soon the “Quiet Carriage” had become a carriage of never ending chatter.

Some people join in and talk about the Facebook post about all the commotion and some people just stick their ear plugs into their ears and be terribly unsocial. Then there are some people who’s mother is having a stress out about the amount of people surrounding her and how the WORLD IS GOING TO END! (That was me by the way).

Anyway I just think it is amazing how when something happens like that people start talking (Well some people) and chatting and by the time we get at the end of the line we are all best mates.

Over and Out

Photo Challenge: Resilient

via Photo Challenge: Resilient

Look up RESILIENT in the dictionary and you find the 2 definitions:

  1. (of a substance or object) able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed.
  2. (of a person or animal) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

So in this post I could  take a picture of a shoe with a cushioning that was resilient but no I am going tell a story of the definition 1.

An old man well into his 90’s still goes on his daily walk. Soon very soon he won’t be able to go on his walk. Not because he doesn’t want to just because he can’t. But he will always keep trying.

I say one word that explains this story because truth is singular and lies are words, words,words.




A Trip Out to South Bank

Christmas is over and 2017 is just around the corner so it is definitely time for a relaxing trip to South Bank.  I think South Bank is amazing because they have so many places to eat there, literally food is the only thing you can buy there and who wouldn’t like that? Food isn’t the only reason why I like South Bank it is just that food is a large majority of the reason why I like it however; They have Street Beach which I think is AWESOME. I like it because it has the sand and the water and even the view with out the jelly fish. Let me explain a little more. Street Beach AKA South Bank Beach is situated on Little Stanley Street South Bank.  It isn’t actually a beach it is just a pool with sand every where to make it a beach. It has a normal pool area to go into but who would do that if there is a beach right next to you! Street beach also has an AMAZING view of the city. Oh yeah and I do realise that the second image has ghosts in it. I think google maps made a mistake.



I also love,love,love South Bank because of it’s amazing market. There is one stall there which I love. It is a clothes stall and I wore one of their dresses in spring outfit #3. They also have a fudge forever stall and their fudge is to die for it is so good but I don’t recommend getting the birthday cake flavour and eating the whole block in under a minute, I guarantee you will feel sick for the rest of the week.

So I better talk about what I am going to do today. Well I kind of don’t know yet because we haven’t actually left yet but future editing Lotto will be editing photo’s of my day into this so I’d ask her.


I do know a few things that will be happening though. We are going to the art gallery to see the Sugar Spun Show which I went to a few years ago with my best friend and LOVED IT. Both of us wanted to go there again and again oh talking about my bestie she is texting me right now.


Anyway after we are going to the best restaurant in the world. (I think). It is called the Stokehouse. I always called it the Stake House by accident but the Stake House sounds like some kind of pub but really it is super posh.

I am going to leave at 11:00am and it is 10:50am right now so future Lotto will be taking a whole heap of pictures and selfies then she is going to add captions then edit them into this post so I will see you soon.


Yep a lot of selfies and pics

So this is still 10:50 Lotto but I am just realising that you won’t even have to wait 4 hours to see the pictures you can see them anyway. Jeese luise Lotto get ya time travel right 😏.

Hi it’s me again and it is now 5:30pm and I am doing the finishing touches to this post. Today didn’t go completely to plan because we decided not to go in the pool because it was packed and as my mum describes “A soup of human urine”. Lovely mum. Anyway today happened like this.

First we went to the stoke house way to early so we went to the bar and I got a Bora Bora Mocktale.

Sorry about the meals I kept on forgetting to take picture before digging in

Then my dad walked to the Goma and my mum and I took the more better way to travel and took the bike taxi which was extremely relaxing. Except down the hills I felt like we were going to knock someone out or ride straight into the river itself.


Oh yeah having someone pull you along is the best way to travel

Then we sore the 10 year anniversary of the Goma which included Sugar Spun, We miss you magic land, a massive slide that the line was to big to even think about, white lego, massive strange circular objects and a few other things.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sorry about the slide I completely forgot to take a photo of it

After that we went to the little shop that sells all sorts of strange things from books to fantasy unicorn slime. I bought an alarm clock, sparkle tape and that unicorn slime.



We then were going to go swimming but decided to go to Nitrogenie which is an ice-cream shop where they make ice-cream out of liquid nitrogen SO COOL!! I got the mango flavour.

We then returned to the car and drove home which is where I am now, so I hope you enjoyed this post and got a little bit of the relaxation and delicious food along the way.

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Over and Out.


Christmas Party 3_#thlook

Accessories really bring an outfit to the top notch. They add a little something to every look and every style. So for the last post of Christmas Party I am going to do the ACCESSORIES for a Christmas Party.


So for the outfit that I was wearing I picked pretty and sweet like accessories so that they wouldn’t look out of place with the rest of the outfit.

The sections of my accessories are HAIR, NECK, RIST and FEET. So for my hair I picked a super cute cherry clip. Having a clip or headband in your hair opens the hair from around your face to make you look bright and happy. I love my cherry clip because it is so cute and it is so fun and party like.


So my neck I wore a white fabric choker which I think would go great with the dress as it taps into the colour scheme of it. I think a chain necklace would look beautiful with this outfit also but I decided to go more of a party style.

Next I wore a trio of gold,silver and bronze twist bracelets. I love how the bracelets jingle together when I move my arm and the trio of them look so pretty together. The metallic colours always look good at a party so if you have a silver or gold necklace or bracelet you should consider wearing it. Also making little bundles of jewels such as a ring double or a bangle trio like what I am wearing makes the accessories look like they have been planned well.

last but not least for the shoes I wore I wanted something that was a sandal but also not just one with straps everywhere. I wanted one that was kind of a closed in shoe at the same time a sandal so I wore these light pink closed toe sandals. These look especially gorgeous with my outfit as they go so well with all the colours used. I think wearing nice shoes is great for a party but you also need to consider that at a party when you are dancing around and having lots of fun you just want to be comfortable so make sure when buying party shoes you invest in good quality shoes and a size that fits you well.

so anyway that’s it for the Christmas Party_#thlook. I hope you have enjoyed these posts and be ready for more. I’ll see you next time so

Over and Out