Not Yet

Following my post Cooking up a not so pretty sponge I decided to try again but guess what it burnt again not so badly but still a little black.

This brings me to my teachers favourite saying Not Yet. It reminded me that I can’t cook a sponge cake “YET”. I think my teacher has got a great saying because it really does make sense.

Not Yet

Have you ever heard of that saying “Take the T off can’t and what do you get, CAN”. Well it’s good but it is kinda wrong because taking off only the T off can’t actually gives you CAN’ which is just bad punctuation.

My point is I want lots of people to know my amazing teacher’s saying “Not Yet” so when you do something badly or you just can’t do it you can say “Not Yet” and I guarantee that you will feel better.

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A Failed Failure

FAILED FAILURE! What is the first thing that comes to mind. A Fail? A Win?

Well if you asked me I would think a fail but I was thinking it wouldn’t mean a fail  wouldn’t mean a win. Think about it, if you failed on a failure you would have won.

This is confusing but I just wanted to find out what you think a failed failure would mean.

For me the most common times I see a failed failure is when I play a video game,card game,board game, any sort of thing you win or lose at. For example:

I am playing a video game with my friend and my friend is saying how she never ever wins at these games and just wining all about it and then bam she wins the game but she can’t really embrace the win because she has just been moaning about how she never ever wins.

Do you agree with me or do you think a failed failure means something else.

Comment below what you think.

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Cooking up a not so pretty sponge

Have you ever thought something you have made was great before it was finished. Well that happened to me today.

My perfect looking sponge cake that I was making looked amazing. The dough looked so perfect but then it went into the oven…..

Trying the Kitchen Stories sponge cake was great because I followed the recipe perfectly and the mixture looked so delicious and I couldn’t wait to taste it. I put it in oven at 200 degrees for 20min. 11 minutes through cooking time I smelt burning and I mean it I really smelt burning.

My amazing fluffy sponge cake mix had turned in to a black,black,black mess.

The chickens enjoyed it at least.

Comment and like if you have shared this disappointment.

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P.s The image above is a piece of the bottom, The worst of the cake the chickens ate

I myself am not a sporty person but what I lack in running speed I have in music.

At the moment I play a 3/4 sized cello and  piano. I have done my AMEB grade 1 exam for both and working toward grade 2.


In piano I have won some awards for school competitions and got an A grade on my grade 1 exam. My favourite pieces are Little Flower and Fur Elise.

For cello I have achieved a lot more. I am in two orchestras and one quartet and I love them all. I have competed in lots of competitions for solo and orchestral.Ya’ know the weird thing is I have only done my grade 1 exam and in one of my orchestras the cello sitting next to me has done his grade 5 and in my other orchestra the cello sitting next to me has done her grade 3 so I don’t know what I did to impress the conductors at the audition but they must have liked me. My grade 1 exam was a huge success with an A+ grade. My favourite pieces for cello are Latin Nights and this really funky tune called Levi’s Blues.


If you play cello or piano comment below which pieces are your favourite.

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That strange little feeling when someones watching you…..

Have you ever had that strange feeling that someone behind you is watching your every move? Your every word….

Well that pretty common for me I usually turn around and see someone or something staring straight back at me. Some times I think it is because I look cool but I quickly check myself down before I keep walking.

Just the other day I was in the car on the way to school. We were coming out of the tunnel and I had that strange feeling. I looked around and there, was a robin staring straight at me sitting on the help phone sign.


One time I was walking down the street with my shopping bags in hand it was very busy and many people could have been watching me but I look behind me…..


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Trying Out a New Product

Hello Lotto here, yesterday I bought a new product called happy hair chalk. It is an all natural hair chalk for any kind of hair so I thought I could share it with you guys. It is a really good way to make your hair look funky and the good thing is if you don’t like it you can just wash it of with shampoo.


The product contained the following: 3 colours of hair chalk, applicator brush, pallet and a 13 pack of all natural temporary tattoos.


The things you might need extra when using is a damp cloth and hairspray.

So first I tried out the hair chalk. I tried on wet hair first and that didn’t work very well,only the sparkle content of the chalk showed up but on dry hair it works really well. Applying on the ends of your hair is a little hard and I found that the colour pigment was not as bright so I went on the top of my head for a more flatter surface and it was perfect.

First I tried the pink colour and it had a very bright pigment colour for my dark hair so I was very impressed.


Next I used the blue colour but it did not show up as bright but you could still see it. I think it was because it was a dark colour going on a dark surface.


After that I tried the green pigment colour which was looking really nice.


I also tried the temporary tattoos and they looked really cute.


Altogether the kit costs $23.95

This post was a little different but I thought I would try it out. If you would like me to test some more products please like.

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