More About My Animal Family


If you have read my last post you will have known that I have lots of animals. If your an animal lover and love reading about them this blog will be great for you because we usually have some animal dramas and some comic reliefs.

First up is Star and Frodo, two collie cross kelpies you have the names of a dashing young hobbit and a beautiful elf princess. We like to think of Star as a princess with her bossy like nature and the way she crosses her legs when she sits down but Frodo is anything BUT dashing. They are a little grumpy because of there old age but wouldn’t we all be when we’re 90 and sleeping on the floor.

Star has the attitude of a diva and the gracefulness of a princess. Here diva like attitude says no to plain dog food unless it has dads gravy on it. Frodo is one of those dogs that goes nuts when you say WALK and nearly kills himself when you pick up a stick. I love them to bits just not when there barking.


And yes Star is lying on a bean bag that she stole from my room, she just doesn’t like the idea of a DOG bed.

Next is Oinklet and yes my amazing idea for the name. Oinklet is meant to be a teacup pig but it would have to be a pretty big teacup to fit that monster in (She probably won’t even fit in one of those spinning teacup rides!). She is pink and black and has the longest nose in the world she almost looks like an elephant.

Learn more about the other animals I have in my next post.


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