My Animal Family

Following my recent post here are some more of my animals.

My two guinea pigs are called Ashley and Caspian. They were adopted so I did not choose the names but I like them.Ashley is a brown colour with dark brown eyes and light brown ears and Caspian most people think he is evil because he has red eyes but I think it gives him character. Caspian is white with brown ears so he kind of looks like teddy bear a little patched up with the wrong fabrics but I like him that way.

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I have lots of chickens with names but there are a little to many to tell but they are mostly very unique because they are born from our own eggs. I like to call them the gang because they are always together. It is extremely funny watching them going through Oinklets paddock all together.

Next are the fish. We have one fish that is extremely old and sometimes I think he might be fake he has lived for so long but no he is real. We also have a lot of fish in our garden pond because one day my mum and I went to the pet shop to get some gold fish and we bought 5 not that many to start off with. We put them all into the pond and a month later we had about a million.

We also have an old racing horse called Aries. His racing name was socks apparently. He is very tall and usually very fat but we have put him on a strict diet so he does’t look like the fattest horse in the street. He is very spoiled and I mean spoiled before his dentist check up we used to drive down the driveway and my mum would see him and feel sorry for him so she looked through our shopping bags and usually found some gummy bears.


That is all not including our carpet python out back.

Over and Out

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 5.23.16 PM


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