Hi and Welcome

Hi my name is Lotto and this is my day by day blog. Obviously I will not blog everyday but this blog will contain some interesting things that I do day by day. Anyway here is some stuff about me.

I’m 12 years old and in year 6. I am a little older then any of my classmates but its fun being the kid with the ANZ debit card with $2 dollars on it!

One of my bestest of friends lives next to me which is great because I am an only child so it can get boring at home. I have known my neighbour for ten years now and it is great having a really close friend literally close to you.

Some people think we live on a full on farm just because we have a lot of land and animals but really my city mates would think a park was a rainforest with their ten inch gardens. We do have a lot of animals and a lot of land so as my mum calls it we live on a semi-rural property. 

We have 2 dogs called Frodo and Star and yes their names are from Lord Of The Rings because my parents were  obsessed with the movie and since I am 12 my dad let me watch the movies but now every time some one mentions ork I cringe with the memory.


We also have a pig,horse,chickens,guineapigs and a lot of fish. It’s a funny story about the thousands of fish we somehow have in our garden pond but that’s for another time.

Well, thats some stuff about me but I am sure you will learn more on my next posts.

Over and out



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