I myself am not a sporty person but what I lack in running speed I have in music.

At the moment I play a 3/4 sized cello and  piano. I have done my AMEB grade 1 exam for both and working toward grade 2.


In piano I have won some awards for school competitions and got an A grade on my grade 1 exam. My favourite pieces are Little Flower and Fur Elise.

For cello I have achieved a lot more. I am in two orchestras and one quartet and I love them all. I have competed in lots of competitions for solo and orchestral.Ya’ know the weird thing is I have only done my grade 1 exam and in one of my orchestras the cello sitting next to me has done his grade 5 and in my other orchestra the cello sitting next to me has done her grade 3 so I don’t know what I did to impress the conductors at the audition but they must have liked me. My grade 1 exam was a huge success with an A+ grade. My favourite pieces for cello are Latin Nights and this really funky tune called Levi’s Blues.


If you play cello or piano comment below which pieces are your favourite.

Over and Out


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  1. daybyday898 says:

    Comment what your favourite piece is

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  2. Hi there i also play the cello you can visit my blog at and you have a nice blog as well 🙂

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  3. My son plays he loves Minuets by Bach

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  4. I play the piano for 12 years and have this blog
    My favourite piano piece is probably Arabesque by Debussy and Gnomenreigen by Liszt. But for piano and cello I think River Flows in You by Yiruma is superb

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