Sonic Sunglasses and More 😱

Dear Whovians of the world,

I just need to know if there is anybody else out there who thinks the same as me with the new changes and the sonic sunglasses that the 12th brought in.

When Peter Capaldi hit the screens on Doctor Who I was devastated that the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) had regenerated into a bushy eye browed old man, and yes not ginger.

So I already had a grudge against this new doctor before he had even set foot out of the TARDIS but I did not know what horrible changes he had in stall.

  1. He got rid of the “Bow Tie”

Even though the 11th had a sense of style which was… um different, he had his trade mark bow tie. I mean have you ever seen him with out it. You could always draw the doctor as long as he had a bow tie. But this new doctor, the 12 has a style but absolutely no trade mark, unless he has a slogan “Red velvet lined coats are better then hugs”. Then that would make sense.

2. TARDIS Personality has turned into him

When Amy Pond and Rory Williams die by the clutches of the angels (saddest episode I have ever seen) the doctor changed. You could almost already see how he was going to regenerate and the TARDIS was giving him some hints two. Look at these to TARDIS’ . When the 11th first came his TARDIS (left) is bright and happy and it suits his old fashioned look. But the new TARDIS (right) getting prepared for the grumpy old man to come and changed the spirit to sad and grey and grumpy.

3. Why, why,why,why the Sonic Sunglasses

I find this matter utterly disturbing as the Sonic Screwdrivers have traveled space and time with the doctor for over 50 years but…… This new doctor barges in with his Sonic Sunglasses. This is over 50 years and he comes in and changed it all. And thats not even the worst bit, he does have a screwdriver but how many times have you seen that.

Well it kind of reminds me of the pet shop story. You get gold fish, he comes home in a bag  and you love him for 2 weeks and then he’s nothing but a fish, nothing golden about a fish. That is just like what happened with the poor old Sonic Screwdriver.

Well that is all and please comment and like if you think the same with any of these situations.

Over and Out




The BIG Difference between 2 little words

Have you ever been asked the question “What do you want to BE when you grow up?”. I think you have. Have you ever answered and been positively sure? I doubt that.

What I want to say here is, would our world be better if that question was abandoned and replaced with its sibling?

Would we DO more things better then just being the humans that invented global warming?

Are you wondering who What do you want to be’s sibling is?

The answer is:  WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?

My school has a public speaking competition and this was the topic I came up with. Here is a copy of my speech to make a little more sense of my introduction.

The BIG difference between 2 little words

There are 2 little words I want you to think about today which are BE and DO.

What do you want to BE when you grow up?

A shopkeeper? An artist? The Queen? Hmmmm maybe not.

I know that nearly every one in this room has been asked that very question at one point of your life, maybe by a parent, a grandparent or even by yourself but today I am going to be showing you another way of asking and answering the question.

I believe that no matter who you are you can DO absolutely anything.

For example you could BE a Dentist but you can change the world.

Today the question will not be “What do you want BE when you grow up? Instead the question will be “ What do you want to DO when you grow up?

Those two questions sound pretty similar but I am going to show you how different they really are.

The only thing that is different about the wording of these two questions is the words BE and DO. If you search up the word BE the definition is “to exist” and I think most of us in this room has already done that however when you search the word DO scroll past the noun “short form for hairdo”and you will find the definition “achieve and complete”. Look into DO a little further and you will find the definition of achieve which is “successfully reach a goal by effort, skill and courage”.

This means that if you DO what you want to do when you grow up you will achieve something but if you BE what you want to be when you grow up you’re most likely just going to exist.

What I want to DO when I grow up is to make a change for the common good. Some of you in my school house might have noticed that recently as House leader I have been coming with an esky of fruit instead of a box of lollies.  This is the beginning of what I want to do.  I have started small by changing a tradition that we would be better without.

The people who inspire me have stepped out no matter who they are to change something. The first person who inspires me is Lorna Jane, you might be going what? An outfit designer, a shop founder but Lorna Jane at the beginning of her career she stepped out and made boring active wear to colourful, bright and motivating clothes. She started her career at a gym when she decided that the boring work out clothes needed a change, so she went home and started sewing her bright activewear and then everyone in her gym class wanted some and now it has turned into a global craze with 215 stores world wide.

 The next person who inspires me is Malala Yousafzai who, as many of you know, stood up to change the Education rights for girls. Malala blogged about her life and how she was not able to go to school when she was 11 and 12. Her school and many others were closed down for the women and girls and she spoke out that all she wanted was to go to school. Although she was doing the right thing the government that was ruling over her country didn’t think so. The unfair government sent someone to kill Malala and they nearly did but Malala survived the gun shot and continued fighting for girls education rights. She finally got her recognition and won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Those people didn’t care what they were, they knew that they could do something to change the world.

So now I am going to correct my first words so “What do you want to DO when you grow up?” Well I know that when you do it you will certainly make a difference.






Faces are everywhere and not because we have 7,452,511,916 people in the world and that number is always changing too. But the faces I’m talking about are the faces that people don’t usually see. Right now look around and look for a face, go on do it…… Did you find one? “Well I am staring at my giant teddy bear Mustard Seed The First who has some eyes and a nose and a mouth so that makes a face, right?”

Well it does but I want a different face one that doesn’t pop out straight away. “Oh I know my Peter Capaldi Doctor Who book is behind the TV and I’ve been looking for that face for a while”.

No No No. I want a face that isn’t a face, one that YOU can find, only YOU. “Hmmmmm thats hard one. A face that is not a face that doesn’t make sense.”

If you look hard you can find sooooo many faces. Just Try.

“Well looking at my coat hanger I can kinda see a face very faintly. He’s got large eye brows and a long wooden nose”.

Perfect that is the type of face I am talking about. I bet you Peter Capaldi didn’t spot that with his sonic sunglasses.

My point is there are many faces in this world and not all those faces belong to humans, animals or even teddy bears some things have a face that you have never noticed.

Try and find these faces, you might be amazed what humans and coat hangers have in common.

Oh and by the way can you see the face in the clouds?

Over and Out

Spring is the Season

Hello followers, Likers and Readers,                                                                                                           Today I would like to inform you of a new “Thing” that I will be doing this Spring.

Spring is a tricky month for fashion because it is close to winter so it can be cold but winters finished so it can be hot. So every Sunday in October I will release two stylish and practical outfits for Spring. Plus some fashion advise for each outfit. All outfits are great for tweens and teens and have some good advise for everyone.

So follow and like to never miss out on an Spring Outfit.

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Mistakes aren’t always Mistakes

The other day I was clearing out some of my photos to make room for storage. I cleared out 146 items which I thought was a good amount and would make some more storage for my iPad. A week later I was looking through my recently deleted album and found so many “Mistake” pictures that were amazing. This showed me that things I might not like at the beginning can grow and change and I will see how amazing they really are.

Here are some of the “Mistake Pictures” I found:




Can you see me?


Am I walking your am I in the air?