Faces are everywhere and not because we have 7,452,511,916 people in the world and that number is always changing too. But the faces I’m talking about are the faces that people don’t usually see. Right now look around and look for a face, go on do it…… Did you find one? “Well I am staring at my giant teddy bear Mustard Seed The First who has some eyes and a nose and a mouth so that makes a face, right?”

Well it does but I want a different face one that doesn’t pop out straight away. “Oh I know my Peter Capaldi Doctor Who book is behind the TV and I’ve been looking for that face for a while”.

No No No. I want a face that isn’t a face, one that YOU can find, only YOU. “Hmmmmm thats hard one. A face that is not a face that doesn’t make sense.”

If you look hard you can find sooooo many faces. Just Try.

“Well looking at my coat hanger I can kinda see a face very faintly. He’s got large eye brows and a long wooden nose”.

Perfect that is the type of face I am talking about. I bet you Peter Capaldi didn’t spot that with his sonic sunglasses.

My point is there are many faces in this world and not all those faces belong to humans, animals or even teddy bears some things have a face that you have never noticed.

Try and find these faces, you might be amazed what humans and coat hangers have in common.

Oh and by the way can you see the face in the clouds?

Over and Out


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