Sonic Sunglasses and More 😱

Dear Whovians of the world,

I just need to know if there is anybody else out there who thinks the same as me with the new changes and the sonic sunglasses that the 12th brought in.

When Peter Capaldi hit the screens on Doctor Who I was devastated that the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) had regenerated into a bushy eye browed old man, and yes not ginger.

So I already had a grudge against this new doctor before he had even set foot out of the TARDIS but I did not know what horrible changes he had in stall.

  1. He got rid of the “Bow Tie”

Even though the 11th had a sense of style which was… um different, he had his trade mark bow tie. I mean have you ever seen him with out it. You could always draw the doctor as long as he had a bow tie. But this new doctor, the 12 has a style but absolutely no trade mark, unless he has a slogan “Red velvet lined coats are better then hugs”. Then that would make sense.

2. TARDIS Personality has turned into him

When Amy Pond and Rory Williams die by the clutches of the angels (saddest episode I have ever seen) the doctor changed. You could almost already see how he was going to regenerate and the TARDIS was giving him some hints two. Look at these to TARDIS’ . When the 11th first came his TARDIS (left) is bright and happy and it suits his old fashioned look. But the new TARDIS (right) getting prepared for the grumpy old man to come and changed the spirit to sad and grey and grumpy.

3. Why, why,why,why the Sonic Sunglasses

I find this matter utterly disturbing as the Sonic Screwdrivers have traveled space and time with the doctor for over 50 years but…… This new doctor barges in with his Sonic Sunglasses. This is over 50 years and he comes in and changed it all. And thats not even the worst bit, he does have a screwdriver but how many times have you seen that.

Well it kind of reminds me of the pet shop story. You get gold fish, he comes home in a bag  and you love him for 2 weeks and then he’s nothing but a fish, nothing golden about a fish. That is just like what happened with the poor old Sonic Screwdriver.

Well that is all and please comment and like if you think the same with any of these situations.

Over and Out




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