The first summers sunset

It is almost impossible to watch a SUNSET and not DREAM………..

 This evening I saw the first summers sunset. A mix of purples, pinks,yellows and reds. A truly amazing experience.


Who Says it Doesn’t Snow in QLD

On Sunday (2 days ago) It was very hot and I had get my shorts on but at 2:00 in the afternoon a cool breeze whooshed past our house and the most miraculous thing happened it snowed (well kind of).

In our background we have a massive tree with the most beautiful bloom. Some of you might have read my last post Spring Outfit #4 and that outfit was inspired by this tree. Now you might be wondering what do you mean about snow, well as I was saying before a breeze went past our house and lots and lots of bright yellow flowers came flying down to the ground. It was so spectacular that I had to go outside and dance around in the beautiful blooms (and write a blog post about it😎).

It was a funny thought that it was snowing yellow buds in our yard but then it kind of made sense. If you live in Australia, right now it is summer and what things do you think about in summer, well I think of the beach, the sun and funnily enough yellow. So I thought it was a kinda cool concept that it was snowing bright, summery drops of sunshine around our garden.

Here are a few pictures: (to prove my scientific concept of snowing in Queensland)

Oh and as you can see in this photo the trampoline got a nice shower.


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Spring Outfit #4

Here is the next outfit and tips I have prepared for you and for the people who live in Australia it is an outfit for those days that are getting ready for summer. So lets get into it.

Spring Outfit #4:

This Outfit is for those days when summer is nocking on the door but you are still able to wear long pants. With its denim on denim with black boots it already looks amazing but when you add a splash of summery colour this outfit just pops. Adding a yellow scarf which peeps through the jacket is the perfect thing to add a extra to this outfit. I added frosted pink lipstick to make this look super cute. I also made my hair pop by curling it up at the ends.


So this outfit today was inspired by our tree in our backyard. At the moment it is covered in millions of yellow flowers that have been blown all over our back lawn. This inspired this yellow, summery outfit and that is going to be my tip today. Having an inspiration for your outfit makes it a lot more important because it has a story behind it. So that is kind of it because I can’t really tell you what inspires you so from here what ever inspires you, you could make an outfit out of it. Because what ever inspires you might not be what inspires me and what ever inspires me might not inspire everyone else.


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I will see you for Spring Outfit #5 next Sunday and just to let you know it will be the last one so if you enjoyed the seasonal outfits send me a comment of what season you would like me to do outfits for but until then……

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Spring Outfit #3

Sorry everyone for forgetting to do my Spring Outfit number three yesterday but today I have a spectacular outfit and set of tips.


Spring Outfit #3

So this outfit I think would be great for going out to the movies with friends or out to lunch with family. Everything in this outfit looks like a match in heaven from the red polkadot dress to the red cherry brooch. A beautiful dress I got from South Bank Markets with a bright red colour and adorable polkadots looks stunning with my dark denim jacket I was talking about last week. For this outfit I just had to have some extras so I went cute and kawaii with frosted pink lipstick,red blush and eye jewels toped off with a coordinating red cherry brooch.


So throughout my spring outfits I have been using colour coordinating in little things and in big features. This outfit I could have used a yellow pineapple brooch on my jacket but because I had a red dress I decided to use some red in my extra so that it would all go together. In Spring Outfit #1 commented “I really like how you have coordinated the colours. Looks really pretty.” 

And she was right because in my first outfit I talked a lot about my colours all going together but you might not have realised in how many ways I achieved that.


If you look closely at my shirt,pants, bracelet and shoes they actually have the same shade of pink in them but don’t get me wrong I don’t want you walking in the street in completely one colour, all of these pieces of the outfit also have different colours on them too so the pinks don’t all look the same but they still look planned and very pretty.

But even my boring white socks were coordinated with something too, do you see the white stripes on my purse which goes with my socks, shoes and shirt? Well they all go together because even though they are separated they are all planned to be together.

So if you want to do some coordinating think of these concepts:

  1. Start small: Try to coordinate your extras with the main feature of the outfit
  2. Not all one colour: As I said before don’t go out the door in one colour, just have one colour that appears in many areas of your outfit
  3. Makeup also works: If your out of plans and you have a pink dress and pink lipstick just go for it
  4. Jewellery looks great too: same with the makeup jewellery will easily fit in with any outfit

So I hope you have learnt some more about colour coordinating and I will see you next time for Spring Outfit #4 so until then….

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Humans are Jumbled

I think of people as kind, happy and loving people but I also think of them as a jumbled up mess of letters,numbers and symbols.


Every one has the right letters and numbers and symbols to create something right and happy but only some people do this.


Some people don’t use those letters how they should be used,how they make something right and something good. It is kind of like a word find you need to find the right letters to create your word but if those letters don’t match up your finished result is not a finished word find but something that isn’t.


If you agree with me please like and comment what kind of person you are someone who would arrange the letters in their rightful places or someone who wouldn’t?

Spring Outfit #2

Hello again and this is my spring outfit #2. So this time I am going to get straight into it.

Spring Outfit #2

A perfect outfit for a day when the sun is out. This outfit is very simple but very stylish with a slitted dress and a silk scarf which has the same color theme as the dress so it all works perfectly together. I paired the outfit with some black ballet flats but yellow, blue, green,brown or black ballet flats or sandals would work great with this outfit. For some extras I wore a simple clip that suited my summery theme. Adding make up and doing your hair in a special way is also a great way to add extras with this simple outfit. I curled my fringe and added bronze sparkle by Napolian to my lips which made the outfit look much more glamorous.


Today the tip I have for you is very simple actually it is the DENIM JACKET.

Probably my favourite thing this spring-summer is my denim jacket and today I felt like sharing all the amazing things this jacket can contribute to your outfit.

Colours: Personally I like the darker shade of denim probably because it suits the things I like to wear but there a many different shades of denim to choose from. It is good to choose a denim jacket that will go well with the clothes that you usually wear (your style). S when you go shopping and you are planning to buy a denim jacket wear something that really has your style in it so that when you pick your jacket you will know that it won’t only suit this outfit but many of your outfits.

Also a denim jacket is really practical for spring because it is not a jumper but if it does get cold it covers you and does keep you warm.

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A Delicious Disguise

I love shortbread cookies and I love donuts so of course I had to make a cookie in disguise and a delicious one at that. These are Shortbread Cookie Royal Iced Donuts.

Great for a party and great for friends they taste delicious and look worthy for a million likes on Facebook,Instagram and Pinterest.

or even Day By Day 😜!!!!

So I recommend these cookies for any situation.

Please like this post and tell me if you make them.

Shortbread Cookie Royal Iced Donuts By Day by Day

Ingredients: Shortbread Cookies

  1. 300g plain flour
  2. 100g caster sugar
  3. pinch of salt
  4. 250g cold butter
  5. half a teaspoon of vanilla

Importent utensils: Cookies

  1. 3 inch cookie cutter and 1 inch cookie cutter
  2. food processor
  3. Baking Paper lined tray

Method: Cookies

First Step preheat your oven to 150 degrees celsius 

  1. Sift your flour and chop your butter into cubes and put in the fridge
  2. Put flour,caster sugar and salt into the food processor and gently combine with a wooden spoon
  3. Add in butter and vanilla and process just when the little bread crumbs start to form 
  4. Pour into a large bowl and without handling it too much bring all the dough together into a ball
  5. Flour down your work space and knead for no more then 30 seconds or else your dough will have more gluten and not be short
  6. Flour down a rolling pin and roll dough so it is just under a centimetre 
  7. Cut out as many 3 inch circles as you can in the dough and then put them on a baking paper lined tray
  8. pick up your scraps and repeat but trying not to handle your dough to much
  9. when you have all your big circles get your 1 inch cutter and cut a small hole in the middle of the cookies to create a doughnut shape
  10. Now you CAN put these in the fridge so they won’t spread in the oven and if yours are quiet big you might want to do this but if you don’t mind about spreading go on ahead and put your cookies in the oven at 150 degrees celsius cook for 20-25 min

Helpful tip: You  will smell your cookies in the oven and it might be different times for different ovens so stick around when it is between 20-30 min because they should be done between that time.

Ingredients: Royal Icing

  1. 200g sifted icing sugar
  2. 1 egg white
  3. 1-3 teaspoons of water (for consistency)
  4. Pink food colouring


Importent Utensils: Icing

  1. Electric mixer
  2. Piping bag (no nosil is required)



Do while cookies are cooling

  1. Sift your icing sugar so it is silky smooth
  2. add your egg white
  3. Mix in the mixer until it can ooze off a spoon
  4. If it is too watery put in some more sugar or if it is to dry put in some water
  5. When it is nice and smooth add the smallest amount of food colouring so it is a nice light pink
  6. Transfer into a piping bag and don’t cut open the bag until cookies are ready to be decorated


Ingredients: Decorating

  1. Royal icing
  2. Sprinkles


Cookies must be cold until you start decorating also make sure you cut the whole in your piping bag at the tip and make sure it is nice and small

  1. Pipe your icing in a squiggly line going round the cookie and coming from the middle hole
  2. Try to go over the edge a little bit to create a dripping effect 
  3. Make sure to add sprinkles straight after you piped because the icing dries quick

Here is a picture to help you with the decorating:

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