Spring Outfit #1

Ok so here is my first outfit and tips for this Spring. So just to tell you what the format of these posts are going to be like here is a little intro. So first I have the pictures of the outfit,next I have a mini review, then I have some tips to help you with fashion in Spring.

Spring Outfit #1

A casual day out is a perfect time to wear this comfortable and stylish outfit. With 3 quarter jeans in a light pink shade and a layered cropped top this outfit has many opportunities for extras like a black and white striped hand held purse,same coloured hair clips to the jeans to compliment the outfit and keep hair out of face and a silver bracelet for a little bling and style. I also wore some floral shoes to match my girly Spring outfit.



Ok so up there you might be wondering what extras are but they are just little things like jewellery,hair pieces, scarves, decorative pins and makeup. My tips today are going to be about extras.

An extra is very little and sometimes can’t be seen but when you do have extras it brings the outfit to a whole new level. But when I tell you this don’t get the wrong idea and go out wearing every extra you can find.

So just imagine a graph in front of you. 1 is not enough, 2 is good, 3 is great, 4 is getting a little ambitious and 5 is way to much. So these numbers are numbers of extras that you are wearing. If you wear a bracelet, a hair piece and a scarf you are on to it. If you are wearing a ring try a little harder. But if you wear a ring,bracelet,necklace,scarf,pin,clips,headband or anything else I think you should cut down on extras.

An extra should compliment an outfit. These are some ways of complimenting an outfit with extras.

  1.  Have the shade of colour similar to the main feature of the outfit
  2. Choose gold or silver if you don’t have coloured jewellery
  3. If you have multiple coloures on one bracelet just make sure one of them is a colour from the outfit
  4. When using makeup as an extra make sure not to go over the top because you want your outfit to sing not your makeup
  5. Make up is great if you use similar shades of colour to your outfit or a colour that goes nicely


Ok I think this is enough to get you started with your new Spring look so make sure you follow so you don’t miss out on Spring Outfit #2 and tips.

If you thought these tips were helpful please like this post and if you have any questions please comment your question and I will answer as best as I can.

Lotto Over and Out



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