Spring Outfit #2

Hello again and this is my spring outfit #2. So this time I am going to get straight into it.

Spring Outfit #2

A perfect outfit for a day when the sun is out. This outfit is very simple but very stylish with a slitted dress and a silk scarf which has the same color theme as the dress so it all works perfectly together. I paired the outfit with some black ballet flats but yellow, blue, green,brown or black ballet flats or sandals would work great with this outfit. For some extras I wore a simple clip that suited my summery theme. Adding make up and doing your hair in a special way is also a great way to add extras with this simple outfit. I curled my fringe and added bronze sparkle by Napolian to my lips which made the outfit look much more glamorous.


Today the tip I have for you is very simple actually it is the DENIM JACKET.

Probably my favourite thing this spring-summer is my denim jacket and today I felt like sharing all the amazing things this jacket can contribute to your outfit.

Colours: Personally I like the darker shade of denim probably because it suits the things I like to wear but there a many different shades of denim to choose from. It is good to choose a denim jacket that will go well with the clothes that you usually wear (your style). S when you go shopping and you are planning to buy a denim jacket wear something that really has your style in it so that when you pick your jacket you will know that it won’t only suit this outfit but many of your outfits.

Also a denim jacket is really practical for spring because it is not a jumper but if it does get cold it covers you and does keep you warm.

Over and out oh and like if you liked it!!!


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