Humans are Jumbled

I think of people as kind, happy and loving people but I also think of them as a jumbled up mess of letters,numbers and symbols.


Every one has the right letters and numbers and symbols to create something right and happy but only some people do this.


Some people don’t use those letters how they should be used,how they make something right and something good. It is kind of like a word find you need to find the right letters to create your word but if those letters don’t match up your finished result is not a finished word find but something that isn’t.


If you agree with me please like and comment what kind of person you are someone who would arrange the letters in their rightful places or someone who wouldn’t?


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  1. daybyday898 says:

    I personally think I’m both and lots of other people might be too because not everybody can be perfect

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  2. Both too. I think everyone has their good days and their bad days

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