Spring Outfit #3

Sorry everyone for forgetting to do my Spring Outfit number three yesterday but today I have a spectacular outfit and set of tips.


Spring Outfit #3

So this outfit I think would be great for going out to the movies with friends or out to lunch with family. Everything in this outfit looks like a match in heaven from the red polkadot dress to the red cherry brooch. A beautiful dress I got from South Bank Markets with a bright red colour and adorable polkadots looks stunning with my dark denim jacket I was talking about last week. For this outfit I just had to have some extras so I went cute and kawaii with frosted pink lipstick,red blush and eye jewels toped off with a coordinating red cherry brooch.


So throughout my spring outfits I have been using colour coordinating in little things and in big features. This outfit I could have used a yellow pineapple brooch on my jacket but because I had a red dress I decided to use some red in my extra so that it would all go together. In Spring Outfit #1 sonja@liveitbreatheitart.com commented “I really like how you have coordinated the colours. Looks really pretty.” 

And she was right because in my first outfit I talked a lot about my colours all going together but you might not have realised in how many ways I achieved that.


If you look closely at my shirt,pants, bracelet and shoes they actually have the same shade of pink in them but don’t get me wrong I don’t want you walking in the street in completely one colour, all of these pieces of the outfit also have different colours on them too so the pinks don’t all look the same but they still look planned and very pretty.

But even my boring white socks were coordinated with something too, do you see the white stripes on my purse which goes with my socks, shoes and shirt? Well they all go together because even though they are separated they are all planned to be together.

So if you want to do some coordinating think of these concepts:

  1. Start small: Try to coordinate your extras with the main feature of the outfit
  2. Not all one colour: As I said before don’t go out the door in one colour, just have one colour that appears in many areas of your outfit
  3. Makeup also works: If your out of plans and you have a pink dress and pink lipstick just go for it
  4. Jewellery looks great too: same with the makeup jewellery will easily fit in with any outfit

So I hope you have learnt some more about colour coordinating and I will see you next time for Spring Outfit #4 so until then….

Over and Out


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