Who Says it Doesn’t Snow in QLD

On Sunday (2 days ago) It was very hot and I had get my shorts on but at 2:00 in the afternoon a cool breeze whooshed past our house and the most miraculous thing happened it snowed (well kind of).

In our background we have a massive tree with the most beautiful bloom. Some of you might have read my last post Spring Outfit #4 and that outfit was inspired by this tree. Now you might be wondering what do you mean about snow, well as I was saying before a breeze went past our house and lots and lots of bright yellow flowers came flying down to the ground. It was so spectacular that I had to go outside and dance around in the beautiful blooms (and write a blog post about it😎).

It was a funny thought that it was snowing yellow buds in our yard but then it kind of made sense. If you live in Australia, right now it is summer and what things do you think about in summer, well I think of the beach, the sun and funnily enough yellow. So I thought it was a kinda cool concept that it was snowing bright, summery drops of sunshine around our garden.

Here are a few pictures: (to prove my scientific concept of snowing in Queensland)

Oh and as you can see in this photo the trampoline got a nice shower.


Ok then I hoped you enjoyed reading this quick update to Lotto’s life and if you did like and follow for more Outfits,little updates like this,trying products and lots more.

Until then

Over and Out


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