Ok no Dogs, no Birds but I can bring my Pig?

Yesterday at 5:47pm I was at the airport dropping off my Granny to go back to England and we went past this sign.

At first sight the sign looked pretty normal but when we went past it twice I realised that it didn’t really make that much sense.

On the sign it has 2 pictures, a dog and a bird. So this made me think…. I can’t bring my dog and I can’t bring my bird but I suppose I can bring all my other pets from the farm to say good bye?

Normally a sign like this would only have a picture of a dog as it is  now distinguished as a world wide code for all pets. But in this case this international airport have confused things a little because they have put a dog and a bird. So at first glance you think, ok no pets but then at second glance you realise, but why is it specifically focusing on a bird?????

My first theory was that some people don’t think of a bird as a pet so they had to keep it clear that no pet even birds are aloud in this airport.


Underneath the visual image which is there for those citizens you probably don’t know how to read english (which for those people this might get even more confusing), is a message that reads “NO ANIMALS PAST THIS POINT”.

And then I thought all over again about my first theory because again a dog is a world wide image that usually means animals as well as pets so those people who pride them selves of having a pet that probably wouldn’t be in the pet shop (e.g a crocodile) sadly even your pet can’t come into this airport according to this message.

HOWEVER (again)……

Like most signs the written message was probably for the visual so why not just have the dog because it is a symbol of animals but they decide to put a bird on board as well but why? A bird is an animal there for would be inside that dog picture in fine print.

So I think it is fare to say that this sign is a little weird, incorrect, confusing and probably not needed in the first place.

By the way that was just a weird thing that happened in my life that I felt like sharing so sorry for the inconvenient randomness on this post.

Over and Out


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