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Look up RESILIENT in the dictionary and you find the 2 definitions:

  1. (of a substance or object) able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed.
  2. (of a person or animal) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

So in this post I could  take a picture of a shoe with a cushioning that was resilient but no I am going tell a story of the definition 1.

An old man well into his 90’s still goes on his daily walk. Soon very soon he won’t be able to go on his walk. Not because he doesn’t want to just because he can’t. But he will always keep trying.

I say one word that explains this story because truth is singular and lies are words, words,words.





A Trip Out to South Bank

Christmas is over and 2017 is just around the corner so it is definitely time for a relaxing trip to South Bank.  I think South Bank is amazing because they have so many places to eat there, literally food is the only thing you can buy there and who wouldn’t like that? Food isn’t the only reason why I like South Bank it is just that food is a large majority of the reason why I like it however; They have Street Beach which I think is AWESOME. I like it because it has the sand and the water and even the view with out the jelly fish. Let me explain a little more. Street Beach AKA South Bank Beach is situated on Little Stanley Street South Bank.  It isn’t actually a beach it is just a pool with sand every where to make it a beach. It has a normal pool area to go into but who would do that if there is a beach right next to you! Street beach also has an AMAZING view of the city. Oh yeah and I do realise that the second image has ghosts in it. I think google maps made a mistake.



I also love,love,love South Bank because of it’s amazing market. There is one stall there which I love. It is a clothes stall and I wore one of their dresses in spring outfit #3. They also have a fudge forever stall and their fudge is to die for it is so good but I don’t recommend getting the birthday cake flavour and eating the whole block in under a minute, I guarantee you will feel sick for the rest of the week.

So I better talk about what I am going to do today. Well I kind of don’t know yet because we haven’t actually left yet but future editing Lotto will be editing photo’s of my day into this so I’d ask her.


I do know a few things that will be happening though. We are going to the art gallery to see the Sugar Spun Show which I went to a few years ago with my best friend and LOVED IT. Both of us wanted to go there again and again oh talking about my bestie she is texting me right now.


Anyway after we are going to the best restaurant in the world. (I think). It is called the Stokehouse. I always called it the Stake House by accident but the Stake House sounds like some kind of pub but really it is super posh.

I am going to leave at 11:00am and it is 10:50am right now so future Lotto will be taking a whole heap of pictures and selfies then she is going to add captions then edit them into this post so I will see you soon.


Yep a lot of selfies and pics

So this is still 10:50 Lotto but I am just realising that you won’t even have to wait 4 hours to see the pictures you can see them anyway. Jeese luise Lotto get ya time travel right 😏.

Hi it’s me again and it is now 5:30pm and I am doing the finishing touches to this post. Today didn’t go completely to plan because we decided not to go in the pool because it was packed and as my mum describes “A soup of human urine”. Lovely mum. Anyway today happened like this.

First we went to the stoke house way to early so we went to the bar and I got a Bora Bora Mocktale.

Sorry about the meals I kept on forgetting to take picture before digging in

Then my dad walked to the Goma and my mum and I took the more better way to travel and took the bike taxi which was extremely relaxing. Except down the hills I felt like we were going to knock someone out or ride straight into the river itself.


Oh yeah having someone pull you along is the best way to travel

Then we sore the 10 year anniversary of the Goma which included Sugar Spun, We miss you magic land, a massive slide that the line was to big to even think about, white lego, massive strange circular objects and a few other things.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sorry about the slide I completely forgot to take a photo of it

After that we went to the little shop that sells all sorts of strange things from books to fantasy unicorn slime. I bought an alarm clock, sparkle tape and that unicorn slime.



We then were going to go swimming but decided to go to Nitrogenie which is an ice-cream shop where they make ice-cream out of liquid nitrogen SO COOL!! I got the mango flavour.

We then returned to the car and drove home which is where I am now, so I hope you enjoyed this post and got a little bit of the relaxation and delicious food along the way.

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Over and Out.


Christmas Party 3_#thlook

Accessories really bring an outfit to the top notch. They add a little something to every look and every style. So for the last post of Christmas Party I am going to do the ACCESSORIES for a Christmas Party.


So for the outfit that I was wearing I picked pretty and sweet like accessories so that they wouldn’t look out of place with the rest of the outfit.

The sections of my accessories are HAIR, NECK, RIST and FEET. So for my hair I picked a super cute cherry clip. Having a clip or headband in your hair opens the hair from around your face to make you look bright and happy. I love my cherry clip because it is so cute and it is so fun and party like.


So my neck I wore a white fabric choker which I think would go great with the dress as it taps into the colour scheme of it. I think a chain necklace would look beautiful with this outfit also but I decided to go more of a party style.

Next I wore a trio of gold,silver and bronze twist bracelets. I love how the bracelets jingle together when I move my arm and the trio of them look so pretty together. The metallic colours always look good at a party so if you have a silver or gold necklace or bracelet you should consider wearing it. Also making little bundles of jewels such as a ring double or a bangle trio like what I am wearing makes the accessories look like they have been planned well.

last but not least for the shoes I wore I wanted something that was a sandal but also not just one with straps everywhere. I wanted one that was kind of a closed in shoe at the same time a sandal so I wore these light pink closed toe sandals. These look especially gorgeous with my outfit as they go so well with all the colours used. I think wearing nice shoes is great for a party but you also need to consider that at a party when you are dancing around and having lots of fun you just want to be comfortable so make sure when buying party shoes you invest in good quality shoes and a size that fits you well.

so anyway that’s it for the Christmas Party_#thlook. I hope you have enjoyed these posts and be ready for more. I’ll see you next time so

Over and Out

Christmas Party 2 #thelook

So it is a new day and life couldn’t be better because there is only 2 days till my Christmas Party and… wait a minute I don’t even have my makeup or my outfit or my accessories ready. Oh no!

Don’t worry if this is you, I’ve got you covered. Since there is only 2 days till Christmas Day and only 1 day till Christmas Eve I decided to blend the makeup and the outfit together into 1 post so that there is no last minute rushes on the day.

The Makeup

So first I am going to start off with the makeup. Since I am going to have princess curls, a nice dress and accessories I am not going to use a large amount of makeup just enough to make it look like I have put a lot of effort in my appearance because the smallest details always go a long way.


You will need the following:


So first I am going to start off with the eyes.  I am using  a light pink shimmer eye shadow with a dark brown shadow on the creese. This makes you look bright eyed and awake.

Next I am moving on to the cheeks where I just applied light pink blush to my cheek lines.

Last but definitely not least I did my lips. The lips are the feature of the makeup. Getting a little festive I used a bright red matte lipstick. This is probably the most important feature because it really speaks Christmas.


The Dress

I recommend if you live in Australia you should where something cool and comfortable.  I think if you want to where a dress pick one that is loose and flows. I got my dress from H and M (one of my favourite shops). I like it because it is really comfortable but is also super pretty. It is also a really nice summer dress which is perfect for Christmas in Australia. I am sorry if you live somewhere cold because I have no advise for you there because I have always lived and blistering hot Australia. I would loved to here what you are going to put on for your Christmas Party if you live somewhere cold. You can tell me in the comment bar down below.

Anyway I hoped you liked this post and sorry it was a day late but I started writing it yesterday and never got to finish it, you know how it’s like at Christmas 😜. Get ready for the accessories tomorrow.

Till then Over and Out


Christmas Party _ #thelook

Hello and welcome to the first post of my series #thelook.

These posts will be cut into sections depending on the event so for example the first section “Christmas Party” will be split into parts including HAIR, MAKEUP, OUTFIT and ACCESSORIES. Because there are 4 parts of “Christmas Party” a post will be made on each of the 4 days before the event. So make sure to follow so you don’t miss out on any of the #thelook posts.

This post is the first part of the first section of the #thelook series, it is the HAIR for a Christmas Party.

So as I have really thick and short hair I always make sure my hairstyles work for everyone’s hair type and length. For a Christmas Party I really recommend that you go all out and do something different with your hair.

I decided for my hair that I would do princess curls. These curls are perfect for Christmas. They are super bouncy and cute. I guarantee that you will get loads of compliments at your next Christmas Party with these curls.

I did use a product when doing these curls they are called Magic Hair Curlers or Luvley Curlies and I recommend investing in a pack as they are amazing, you can buy them at around about $20 (Australian currency) and even cheaper on eBay. They work a treat and I really mean that because these things are the only curlers that work on my hair. I find them even better then a curler that uses heat.


They are really easy to use and this is how:

For the best results you will need the following, however the product and the hairdryer is optional but I found when using the product the curls stay in for longer and when using the heat from the hairdryer the curls have way more volume and bounce.

  • 3 crocodile clips
  • Magic Hair Curlers and Hook
  • Hair brush
  • Texture Definition Spray and Heat Protecter
  • Hairdryer

First make sure your hair is nice and damp that way the curls will set strong. You need to section your hair into 2 parts the bottom part and the top part. With a crocodile clip slide the hair at eye level on your left and lift it up above your head then clip it down with the clip. Now on your left side you have a top part and a bottom part. Now repeat that step on the right and at the back of your head.

First you are going to put the curls in on the bottom part of the hair. Before you do anything make sure to load the curler onto the hook. Now grab a section of hair and spray it lightly with texture spray and twist it round your finger to create a rope so it is easier to slide into the hook. After you have put your hair into the hook slide the curler over the end of the hook and pull the hook out of the end. This will pull your hair into the curler. Trust me it is easier then it sounds when you have got the hang of it you can do this in your sleep.

Repeat this step all around the bottom part of your hair you should get something like this.


Now take the left, top section of your hair and unclip it. Make sure to keep a hold of the hair at all times so it does not get lost in all the curlers and gets left out. grab a small section of hair from the top,left part and re-clip the rest. Spray it and twist then hook it and pull. Make sure to unclip and re-clip the hair so none of it gets left out. Repeat this step until all your hair is done.

Now if you don’t mind waiting you can keep this in for a minimum of 3 hours or until completely dry. For the best result leave in overnight. If you are impatient like me spray your head with a heat protecter and go over your hair with a hairdryer on a high heat level. (just to let you know that when you leave it in overnight you get the best results.)



Remove the curlers by pulling the ends of them away from your head. You should be left with beautiful, bouncy princess curls. Add some hair spray to set and a cute Christmas clip and you are ready to go.

This is the final result and I hope it works out for you if you try it. Stay tuned for another post tomorrow for the MAKEUP for a Christmas Party. Also comment down below if there are any events (New Years Eve, Easter, Halloween) that you would like me to do after Christmas Party.

Til’ the next Over and Out.



High School. Nervous? Nah!

So now I have graduated from primary school I am about to start the next part of my journey called life. I am about to go from being the highest and oldest of the primary school to a little tiny grade 7 in High School.

I always knew that High School was going to be a really big part of my life. High School is when you come to age where you can do stuff, where you can change things and you can really create your foot print in the world. I am truly hoping that my foot print is a good one, like a foot print on the wet sand that has just gone hard because the waves are no longer rushing past it so it forever stands.

I  do know that High School is not all fun and games as High School Musical makes it out to be. I know that exams are also a big part of High School but I do think that I will be fine because of multiple reasons. The first reason is because I know that I have really good organisation skills, I always seem to be the mother of my friend group and the person everyone asks what the agenda is. My second reason is my friends because I have a really good group of friends, some moving with me to my new High School and some staying at my old primary school but every exam or test we are always testing each other at morning tea and lunch.

So many people have asked me how I feel about moving to high school and when I was still in year 6 I had a lot of mixed emotions. I felt really nervous about leaving the school I love and know but I also was really excited to go and start something new. Now it is holidays and I have said good bye to my old school I am stacked full of excitement for my new journey and I am empty of nervousness. So now when people ask me “Are you nervous for High School?” I simply reply “Nah….”.

You can tell from my internet history that I am excited for next year.


Happy,Different and Me

Hi it’s nearly the new year so I decided to do some reflecting posts from this year and this is going to be the first one.

So I am going to reflect on how I was different this year.

First term I was Class Leader. And that was different because by the time of year 6 everyone had at least been class leader once so the winning prize was House Leader. The one leadership roll only year 6’s participated in. However I had never been in a leadership roll before so I decided to start off small to get some experience in leadership skills.

In term 2 it was bandana day held by the canTeen Team to help young children with cancer. I bought 2 bandanas one in pink and the other in green. And nearly everyone did that so what was different that day? Well to wear a bandana you wrap it around your head and tie at the back or front but instead I tied them around both of my wrists.  I had 2 reasons for this choice 1. I couldn’t choose which one to wear because they both were so cool 2. I had just got my hair done at the hairdressers and it looked so good so I didn’t want to put it on my head. However only the first one was specified as I didn’t want to sound like a weird person and look like one.

Term 3 I was elected House Leader in this term and was pleased about myself so I wanted to be the best leader I could possibly be. But this was probably the most biggest difference I have ever done in my life, I brought in fruit instead of lollies. My school as I love it so has a bad habit of bringing in boxes on top of boxes of lollies to school carnivals and events. So on my first sports carnival…….I was sick. Which was so annoying because I looked like a weirdo sitting under the canopy eating watermelon on sticks. But anyway my watermelon, oranges and strawberries on paddle pop sticks were thoughtfully made by my wonderful mother (Thanks mum!) but I had to go home early as I was worried I was going to effect everyone with my disgusting sneezing, coughing disease.

Also in Term 3 and also about House Leader my other difference comes to light. Well when trying utterly hard on my House speech I found out I didn’t even need it because i had already been elected because I was the only one in the whole of my house in year 6 that put my name in so I was automatically elected as House Leader Semester 2 2016. However I still wanted to do my speech so people wouldn’t be shocked when I come to athletics with an esky of fruit instead of sour straps. So I finished preparing my speech but that is when that sickness came in so I didn’t do it and everyone was shocked that sour babies, unbearable’s and sour patch kids had been murdered by my fruit on a stick.

My last term and my last difference was on Maker Day a day where everyone dresses up as someone who makes something and Oh, My, Gosh you would never guess how many artists showed up to school that day everyone was getting ambushed by aprons and paintbrushes. But in amongst the builders, the painters and the architectures there was one little girl ( well a big year 6 girl for primary and a little girl for seniors) that dressed up different to all the rest. I give you three guesses to guess my dress up.

I hoped you enjoyed this reflecting post as much as I enjoyed writing it

Over and Out

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