Happy,Different and Me

Hi it’s nearly the new year so I decided to do some reflecting posts from this year and this is going to be the first one.

So I am going to reflect on how I was different this year.

First term I was Class Leader. And that was different because by the time of year 6 everyone had at least been class leader once so the winning prize was House Leader. The one leadership roll only year 6’s participated in. However I had never been in a leadership roll before so I decided to start off small to get some experience in leadership skills.

In term 2 it was bandana day held by the canTeen Team to help young children with cancer. I bought 2 bandanas one in pink and the other in green. And nearly everyone did that so what was different that day? Well to wear a bandana you wrap it around your head and tie at the back or front but instead I tied them around both of my wrists.  I had 2 reasons for this choice 1. I couldn’t choose which one to wear because they both were so cool 2. I had just got my hair done at the hairdressers and it looked so good so I didn’t want to put it on my head. However only the first one was specified as I didn’t want to sound like a weird person and look like one.

Term 3 I was elected House Leader in this term and was pleased about myself so I wanted to be the best leader I could possibly be. But this was probably the most biggest difference I have ever done in my life, I brought in fruit instead of lollies. My school as I love it so has a bad habit of bringing in boxes on top of boxes of lollies to school carnivals and events. So on my first sports carnival…….I was sick. Which was so annoying because I looked like a weirdo sitting under the canopy eating watermelon on sticks. But anyway my watermelon, oranges and strawberries on paddle pop sticks were thoughtfully made by my wonderful mother (Thanks mum!) but I had to go home early as I was worried I was going to effect everyone with my disgusting sneezing, coughing disease.

Also in Term 3 and also about House Leader my other difference comes to light. Well when trying utterly hard on my House speech I found out I didn’t even need it because i had already been elected because I was the only one in the whole of my house in year 6 that put my name in so I was automatically elected as House Leader Semester 2 2016. However I still wanted to do my speech so people wouldn’t be shocked when I come to athletics with an esky of fruit instead of sour straps. So I finished preparing my speech but that is when that sickness came in so I didn’t do it and everyone was shocked that sour babies, unbearable’s and sour patch kids had been murdered by my fruit on a stick.

My last term and my last difference was on Maker Day a day where everyone dresses up as someone who makes something and Oh, My, Gosh you would never guess how many artists showed up to school that day everyone was getting ambushed by aprons and paintbrushes. But in amongst the builders, the painters and the architectures there was one little girl ( well a big year 6 girl for primary and a little girl for seniors) that dressed up different to all the rest. I give you three guesses to guess my dress up.

I hoped you enjoyed this reflecting post as much as I enjoyed writing it

Over and Out

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