High School. Nervous? Nah!

So now I have graduated from primary school I am about to start the next part of my journey called life. I am about to go from being the highest and oldest of the primary school to a little tiny grade 7 in High School.

I always knew that High School was going to be a really big part of my life. High School is when you come to age where you can do stuff, where you can change things and you can really create your foot print in the world. I am truly hoping that my foot print is a good one, like a foot print on the wet sand that has just gone hard because the waves are no longer rushing past it so it forever stands.

I  do know that High School is not all fun and games as High School Musical makes it out to be. I know that exams are also a big part of High School but I do think that I will be fine because of multiple reasons. The first reason is because I know that I have really good organisation skills, I always seem to be the mother of my friend group and the person everyone asks what the agenda is. My second reason is my friends because I have a really good group of friends, some moving with me to my new High School and some staying at my old primary school but every exam or test we are always testing each other at morning tea and lunch.

So many people have asked me how I feel about moving to high school and when I was still in year 6 I had a lot of mixed emotions. I felt really nervous about leaving the school I love and know but I also was really excited to go and start something new. Now it is holidays and I have said good bye to my old school I am stacked full of excitement for my new journey and I am empty of nervousness. So now when people ask me “Are you nervous for High School?” I simply reply “Nah….”.

You can tell from my internet history that I am excited for next year.



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