Christmas Party _ #thelook

Hello and welcome to the first post of my series #thelook.

These posts will be cut into sections depending on the event so for example the first section “Christmas Party” will be split into parts including HAIR, MAKEUP, OUTFIT and ACCESSORIES. Because there are 4 parts of “Christmas Party” a post will be made on each of the 4 days before the event. So make sure to follow so you don’t miss out on any of the #thelook posts.

This post is the first part of the first section of the #thelook series, it is the HAIR for a Christmas Party.

So as I have really thick and short hair I always make sure my hairstyles work for everyone’s hair type and length. For a Christmas Party I really recommend that you go all out and do something different with your hair.

I decided for my hair that I would do princess curls. These curls are perfect for Christmas. They are super bouncy and cute. I guarantee that you will get loads of compliments at your next Christmas Party with these curls.

I did use a product when doing these curls they are called Magic Hair Curlers or Luvley Curlies and I recommend investing in a pack as they are amazing, you can buy them at around about $20 (Australian currency) and even cheaper on eBay. They work a treat and I really mean that because these things are the only curlers that work on my hair. I find them even better then a curler that uses heat.


They are really easy to use and this is how:

For the best results you will need the following, however the product and the hairdryer is optional but I found when using the product the curls stay in for longer and when using the heat from the hairdryer the curls have way more volume and bounce.

  • 3 crocodile clips
  • Magic Hair Curlers and Hook
  • Hair brush
  • Texture Definition Spray and Heat Protecter
  • Hairdryer

First make sure your hair is nice and damp that way the curls will set strong. You need to section your hair into 2 parts the bottom part and the top part. With a crocodile clip slide the hair at eye level on your left and lift it up above your head then clip it down with the clip. Now on your left side you have a top part and a bottom part. Now repeat that step on the right and at the back of your head.

First you are going to put the curls in on the bottom part of the hair. Before you do anything make sure to load the curler onto the hook. Now grab a section of hair and spray it lightly with texture spray and twist it round your finger to create a rope so it is easier to slide into the hook. After you have put your hair into the hook slide the curler over the end of the hook and pull the hook out of the end. This will pull your hair into the curler. Trust me it is easier then it sounds when you have got the hang of it you can do this in your sleep.

Repeat this step all around the bottom part of your hair you should get something like this.


Now take the left, top section of your hair and unclip it. Make sure to keep a hold of the hair at all times so it does not get lost in all the curlers and gets left out. grab a small section of hair from the top,left part and re-clip the rest. Spray it and twist then hook it and pull. Make sure to unclip and re-clip the hair so none of it gets left out. Repeat this step until all your hair is done.

Now if you don’t mind waiting you can keep this in for a minimum of 3 hours or until completely dry. For the best result leave in overnight. If you are impatient like me spray your head with a heat protecter and go over your hair with a hairdryer on a high heat level. (just to let you know that when you leave it in overnight you get the best results.)



Remove the curlers by pulling the ends of them away from your head. You should be left with beautiful, bouncy princess curls. Add some hair spray to set and a cute Christmas clip and you are ready to go.

This is the final result and I hope it works out for you if you try it. Stay tuned for another post tomorrow for the MAKEUP for a Christmas Party. Also comment down below if there are any events (New Years Eve, Easter, Halloween) that you would like me to do after Christmas Party.

Til’ the next Over and Out.




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