Christmas Party 2 #thelook

So it is a new day and life couldn’t be better because there is only 2 days till my Christmas Party and… wait a minute I don’t even have my makeup or my outfit or my accessories ready. Oh no!

Don’t worry if this is you, I’ve got you covered. Since there is only 2 days till Christmas Day and only 1 day till Christmas Eve I decided to blend the makeup and the outfit together into 1 post so that there is no last minute rushes on the day.

The Makeup

So first I am going to start off with the makeup. Since I am going to have princess curls, a nice dress and accessories I am not going to use a large amount of makeup just enough to make it look like I have put a lot of effort in my appearance because the smallest details always go a long way.


You will need the following:


So first I am going to start off with the eyes.  I am using  a light pink shimmer eye shadow with a dark brown shadow on the creese. This makes you look bright eyed and awake.

Next I am moving on to the cheeks where I just applied light pink blush to my cheek lines.

Last but definitely not least I did my lips. The lips are the feature of the makeup. Getting a little festive I used a bright red matte lipstick. This is probably the most important feature because it really speaks Christmas.


The Dress

I recommend if you live in Australia you should where something cool and comfortable.  I think if you want to where a dress pick one that is loose and flows. I got my dress from H and M (one of my favourite shops). I like it because it is really comfortable but is also super pretty. It is also a really nice summer dress which is perfect for Christmas in Australia. I am sorry if you live somewhere cold because I have no advise for you there because I have always lived and blistering hot Australia. I would loved to here what you are going to put on for your Christmas Party if you live somewhere cold. You can tell me in the comment bar down below.

Anyway I hoped you liked this post and sorry it was a day late but I started writing it yesterday and never got to finish it, you know how it’s like at Christmas 😜. Get ready for the accessories tomorrow.

Till then Over and Out



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