Christmas Party 3_#thlook

Accessories really bring an outfit to the top notch. They add a little something to every look and every style. So for the last post of Christmas Party I am going to do the ACCESSORIES for a Christmas Party.


So for the outfit that I was wearing I picked pretty and sweet like accessories so that they wouldn’t look out of place with the rest of the outfit.

The sections of my accessories are HAIR, NECK, RIST and FEET. So for my hair I picked a super cute cherry clip. Having a clip or headband in your hair opens the hair from around your face to make you look bright and happy. I love my cherry clip because it is so cute and it is so fun and party like.


So my neck I wore a white fabric choker which I think would go great with the dress as it taps into the colour scheme of it. I think a chain necklace would look beautiful with this outfit also but I decided to go more of a party style.

Next I wore a trio of gold,silver and bronze twist bracelets. I love how the bracelets jingle together when I move my arm and the trio of them look so pretty together. The metallic colours always look good at a party so if you have a silver or gold necklace or bracelet you should consider wearing it. Also making little bundles of jewels such as a ring double or a bangle trio like what I am wearing makes the accessories look like they have been planned well.

last but not least for the shoes I wore I wanted something that was a sandal but also not just one with straps everywhere. I wanted one that was kind of a closed in shoe at the same time a sandal so I wore these light pink closed toe sandals. These look especially gorgeous with my outfit as they go so well with all the colours used. I think wearing nice shoes is great for a party but you also need to consider that at a party when you are dancing around and having lots of fun you just want to be comfortable so make sure when buying party shoes you invest in good quality shoes and a size that fits you well.

so anyway that’s it for the Christmas Party_#thlook. I hope you have enjoyed these posts and be ready for more. I’ll see you next time so

Over and Out


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