A Trip Out to South Bank

Christmas is over and 2017 is just around the corner so it is definitely time for a relaxing trip to South Bank.  I think South Bank is amazing because they have so many places to eat there, literally food is the only thing you can buy there and who wouldn’t like that? Food isn’t the only reason why I like South Bank it is just that food is a large majority of the reason why I like it however; They have Street Beach which I think is AWESOME. I like it because it has the sand and the water and even the view with out the jelly fish. Let me explain a little more. Street Beach AKA South Bank Beach is situated on Little Stanley Street South Bank.  It isn’t actually a beach it is just a pool with sand every where to make it a beach. It has a normal pool area to go into but who would do that if there is a beach right next to you! Street beach also has an AMAZING view of the city. Oh yeah and I do realise that the second image has ghosts in it. I think google maps made a mistake.



I also love,love,love South Bank because of it’s amazing market. There is one stall there which I love. It is a clothes stall and I wore one of their dresses in spring outfit #3. They also have a fudge forever stall and their fudge is to die for it is so good but I don’t recommend getting the birthday cake flavour and eating the whole block in under a minute, I guarantee you will feel sick for the rest of the week.

So I better talk about what I am going to do today. Well I kind of don’t know yet because we haven’t actually left yet but future editing Lotto will be editing photo’s of my day into this so I’d ask her.


I do know a few things that will be happening though. We are going to the art gallery to see the Sugar Spun Show which I went to a few years ago with my best friend and LOVED IT. Both of us wanted to go there again and again oh talking about my bestie she is texting me right now.


Anyway after we are going to the best restaurant in the world. (I think). It is called the Stokehouse. I always called it the Stake House by accident but the Stake House sounds like some kind of pub but really it is super posh.

I am going to leave at 11:00am and it is 10:50am right now so future Lotto will be taking a whole heap of pictures and selfies then she is going to add captions then edit them into this post so I will see you soon.


Yep a lot of selfies and pics

So this is still 10:50 Lotto but I am just realising that you won’t even have to wait 4 hours to see the pictures you can see them anyway. Jeese luise Lotto get ya time travel right 😏.

Hi it’s me again and it is now 5:30pm and I am doing the finishing touches to this post. Today didn’t go completely to plan because we decided not to go in the pool because it was packed and as my mum describes “A soup of human urine”. Lovely mum. Anyway today happened like this.

First we went to the stoke house way to early so we went to the bar and I got a Bora Bora Mocktale.

Sorry about the meals I kept on forgetting to take picture before digging in

Then my dad walked to the Goma and my mum and I took the more better way to travel and took the bike taxi which was extremely relaxing. Except down the hills I felt like we were going to knock someone out or ride straight into the river itself.


Oh yeah having someone pull you along is the best way to travel

Then we sore the 10 year anniversary of the Goma which included Sugar Spun, We miss you magic land, a massive slide that the line was to big to even think about, white lego, massive strange circular objects and a few other things.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sorry about the slide I completely forgot to take a photo of it

After that we went to the little shop that sells all sorts of strange things from books to fantasy unicorn slime. I bought an alarm clock, sparkle tape and that unicorn slime.



We then were going to go swimming but decided to go to Nitrogenie which is an ice-cream shop where they make ice-cream out of liquid nitrogen SO COOL!! I got the mango flavour.

We then returned to the car and drove home which is where I am now, so I hope you enjoyed this post and got a little bit of the relaxation and delicious food along the way.

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Over and Out.



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