When a train is delayed….

When on a long journey home I hop onto a train and relax, waiting for the train to start its journey.


What if the train is delayed severely delayed about half an hour delayed (I can’t remember exactly) soon more people from other trains jump over the gap into your train that has been stopped in time. The train starts to pile up with people and soon as a student I have to stand up and give up MY seat (I honestly hate it when that happens). My seat is empty for a few minutes the temptation to sit down was strong but held off by the difficult journey to actually get back to that seat. A twist and a turn between the many people that have now piled through the doors of the train. Then a minute later someone else sits in my sit and I am left standing squished between the door and LOADS of other people.

After about 20 minutes people are wondering what is happening they start asking questions.

Am I on the right train?

Does she have that app on her phone that tells you WHY THE TRAIN IS SOOOOO DELAYED?




Then people go past that phase of keeping it held inside and spread there annoyance to everybody else on the train. Soon the “Quiet Carriage” had become a carriage of never ending chatter.

Some people join in and talk about the Facebook post about all the commotion and some people just stick their ear plugs into their ears and be terribly unsocial. Then there are some people who’s mother is having a stress out about the amount of people surrounding her and how the WORLD IS GOING TO END! (That was me by the way).

Anyway I just think it is amazing how when something happens like that people start talking (Well some people) and chatting and by the time we get at the end of the line we are all best mates.

Over and Out


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