Our world today, imagine it better

Ok so this is our world today. It is full of insecurities and problems just like a teenager. But a lot worse. Some of these problems are big like WAR which I think is the most stupidest thing that human kind has ever thought of.

The thing is that we are all human and we have to actually kill and hurt another one of our kind to get our way. NO! That is most definitely the last thing you should do, actually not even the last it should have fallen off the edge of the paper a long time ago. You know why? Because that person you killed has a family, that person, thanks to you HAD a life. Yep HAD not HAVE because you couldn’t deal with your problems in a better way.

I know that I am just 13 and the reason war seems to pop up is a lot bigger then I can imagine but guess what folks, I can imagine it. I know that WW1 was triggered by the assassination of a person. Now I don’t know who that person was and I don’t know if they were good or bad but I know that aliens have not landed on earth yet so I know that that was a human being who was murdered. That one person who was killed by another person set of an explosion of DEATH. Thousands and thousands of human beings died. And you know what is just heart breaking is that us people didn’t learn our lesson. The War to End all Wars sadly did not live to its expectation and other wars happened and are even happening now.

Our world today is full of problems but it actually isn’t. It’s us. The world, that planet called Earth is now always associated by humans because we have over powered the world. So Earth practically means human. But thats wrong because if you go outside and touch the ground you can’t feel war. You can’t feel the world acting against itself. So why not us humans take some notes from the Earth we walk on.  So be the change you want in the world.


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